American Teenagers. Blah!

American children are over scheduled, over-stimulated, and yet frequently have a terrible work ethic.  “It’s summer I want to sleep in. I’m on vacation.”  What?????   Vacation?  Vacation from what?  Your six and a half hours of school?  Give me a break.

Summer.  Oh yes, blissful warm days of not doing anything.  At least if you are a kid or a school teacher.  (Sorry teachers, I know you need to recharge, but there aint nobody that gets that kind of time off….except the Vice President maybe.) The reason for this rather silly school year was based on an agrarian society that hardly exists today.  The vast majority of farms are now owned by huge corporations. It used to make sense, take the summer off from school to help with planting and harvesting crops.  Now, a good deal of youngsters spend their summers doing………nothing! Unless you count playing X-box, instagram, tweeting, and watching television.  Oh yes, and a few play a summer sport.

Speaking of sports and also about activities.  Again, give me a break.  STOP.  That’s right, just stop.  Stop projecting your fantasies of glory on your kids.  Little Susie is most likely, not going to be on the New York stage as a ballerina.  And the tap and jazz lessons are not likely going to lead little Susie to Broadway.  Yes, continue lessons if little Susie shows exceptional talent, but if she is like most little girls you are only giving her lessons that will either be useless for her future adult life or will help her dance with a stripper pole.

Boys and sports….stop! Seriously, don’t project your fantasies on your boys. A Michael Jordan, a Terry Bradshaw, a Wayne Gretsky, is a long shot indeed. If your kid wants to play a sport, than by all means, let him play.  However, (and this happens way too often) if you are dreaming of glory for your kid, get over it you stupid.  You parents know who you are, you’re the ones jumping up and down at the games, screaming like a maniac, hurling abuse on the refs, the coaches and sometimes on your kid or somebody else’s kids.  You make me sick.

As I said above, youngsters are over-scheduled.  Youngsters are spending too much time learning crap that will not help them in their adult lives. It’s become very difficult for a teen to get a job, at least in the suburbs or the city.  There are several reasons for this problem.  One huge one, is that there are adults needing full time work who are taking jobs in fast food, and service, that they would have scoffed at before the American economy was destroyed.  Additionally, these over-scheduled potential future Michael Jordans are so damn busy with useless activities that they don’t have the flexibility that an employer demands.

I spend some time each summer in Ocean City, Maryland.  Tons of jobs over there.  Most of them are being filled by foreign nationals. The employer imports some Russian, or Irishman, and puts them behind the till at the grocery store.  Part of the contract is housing, transportation to and from work, etc.  Are there really no American teens or even college students that are willing to work?  Hell no. There are plenty. When little Johnny is home from college for the summer, send his butt down to the beach to work. For heaven’s sake, you are not doing little Johnny a favor, as a college student, by financing his life of leisure.  Good God indeed.  Send little Johnny to work and he might actually not be a total useless, entitled, pain in the ass, when it’s time for a job after college (or high school).

Lastly, make these over privileged, lazy teens, get their butts out of bed in the summer.  “But, Dad…….its summer, I want to sleep in.”  Sleep in?  What?  The sun is up. Get up!  There are plenty of things to do.  Turn off the TV and video games early in the evening, get your sleep, and then when the sun is up….get up.  “But, I’m bored.”  Not a problem, I have lots of things to keep you occupied.  There are vents to be dusted, trash to take out, plants to water, toilets to clean, even volunteer at the local food bank (if your too young for paying work) etc. etc. etc.   I could go on about this forever because of PIM disease.  The truth is people irritate me, and teenagers irritate me worse.  Good day to my readers.

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