Grammar Nazi’s are not cool

Grammar is stupid.  Or more accurately, the way grammar is taught in middle school is stupid.  Seriously, really stupid.  Let’s take a bunch of kids, especially boys, and drill them to learn a bunch of rules by memory and then test them on those rules.  Rules that will never be remembered after the age of about 15….the age when the tests are all done, and the “rules” are either adsorbed from lots of reading (fiction or something interesting, not stupid grammar texts) and writing, or the person is likely to never be good at either reading or writing.

What in the hell is “two ideas, with two subjects and two verbs?”  Yes, I know the answer since I am restudying middle school English.  Funny how that never came up through undergraduate studies, graduate studies, or in my professional life, where I do a great deal of writing.  Notwithstanding my blog here, where I usually write as a stream of conscience, I proofread my written words and I don’t ever seem to have a problem getting my point across.

People irritate me!  I think I have been very clear on that issue.  For all of these years, it’s just stupid, disgusting, and insane, that our pedagogues haven’t worked out a better way to approach English grammar; a subject that will always be bizarre thanks to this hodge-podge language that is often a struggle to communicate clearly in.  I know for a fact that teaching children in some kind of old-school way to learn a “rule” that will be spewed out on the test and then forgotten is a poor use of teaching resources, and not in anyway a procees where most will learn well.

There must be a better way.  I actually do have some answers.  I will post them to my other blog, when I get it up.  This blog is really a mechanism to cope with the massive irritations of human stupidity, which has been scientifically proven, by me and my good buddy who guest posts here. The blog is for medicinal purposes.  Join in if you need help…..I am here for you.  So is my blog.  (For any grammar Nazi’s that want to “correct” my post, please do so, I’d love to tell you what I think of you in my comment section.  But seriously PAX.)

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