!!!GUEST POST #1!!! Customer Service from the Pits of Hell



I agree that a disease called PIM exists.  Recently something happened that made my symptoms increase.  I’m visiting from out of town in the D.C. area and helping a friend on a home improvement project.  Renting a hauling van costs $20 for the first 75 minutes in the Washington D.C. metro area.  The job site is only three miles away from the big box nationwide store.  It takes 20 minutes to drive that three miles — which is a good topic for at least 5 more posts — but back and forth still leaves you 30 minutes to load and unload the lumber from the van, which is plenty of time.

Plenty of time, that is, unless there are only 5 pieces of lumber left in the bin because the lazy dumb #^*!$ employees at _____ (name removed to keep the guilty from suing me) are too busy chatting with each other and ignoring customers. Not suprisingly those 5 pieces of lumber are so bent, warped, twisted, and split that some portions of them extend into the fifth dimension. So there is no choice but to wander around the store blindly looking for someone with a forklift to haul in another pallet of lumber from the rear of the store. This person, of course, will not be earning enough per hour to even pay for the extra hour that will have to be forked over for the hauling van because you can’t get anyone to bring you the lumber you need.

But that doesn’t mean they have the right, or perhaps they look at it as a duty, to simply #@$% around with piddling little $#!+ while you’re begging them to hurry up.  And you do have to stand around and beg and pester and harangue or you will NEVER see them again. And you’ll certainly never see the lumber. When you do finally get your lumber, they make a big deal out of shutting down the whole store and executing an emergency evacuation, for a pile of lumber that never even gets above waist high.

Now you may be thinking, why not get the lumber first and THEN rent the hauling van. (That would be far too logical for the Washington D.C. area, don’t even go there.)  But oh no! You can’t reserve the van. It’s first come, first serve. So, if you’re lucky enough to find one available, you have to start paying for it or risk spending the entire day waiting for the previous renter to bring it back — which isn’t going to happen very fast in DC traffic. The government of D.C. should pay my two friends who run this site.  Ranting about this has actually made me feel a little bit better. Pimdsease.com is performing a valuable public service.

2 comments for “!!!GUEST POST #1!!! Customer Service from the Pits of Hell

  1. Christophorus Acipiter
    May 28, 2014 at 1:41 pm

    So right my good friend is. Pimdisease is an especially large problem around our Nation’s capital. Although, I’m sure that particular retailer has issues around the nation.

  2. Acipiter Wife
    May 29, 2014 at 9:15 pm


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